Review: Love Goals on OWN TV

The OWN network has some really good reality TV shows. I happened their latest series, Love Goals, and was immediately hooked. The show features five celebrity couples and a licensed therapist who, for two weeks, attempts to get them to reach their love goal. The goal for each couple differs, and in an effort not toContinue reading “Review: Love Goals on OWN TV”

How to Keep Your Faith During the Coronavirus

40 days or 40 years? That’s up to us. We’re faced with so much uncertainty today—we can literally talk to someone and die. Or expose someone to coronavirus and they fall ill. Or die. Plus, this pandemic has caused us all to reveal our true colors. Some are incredibly selfish. Hoarding toilet paper and masksContinue reading “How to Keep Your Faith During the Coronavirus”

Barracoon: The Story of the Last “Black Cargo”

Barracoon is a first-account nonfiction story of Kossula, the last surviving African brought to America as a slave. He was only 19 years old when he was captured and sold to white men for transport. Although his story is an invaluable, historical document, the author, Zora Neale Hurston, never found a publisher in her lifetimeContinue reading “Barracoon: The Story of the Last “Black Cargo””

Dear black moms, the best tip to protect your kids from sexual abuse: change your parenting style

This is a heartfelt plea from my inner child who suffered at the hands of countless men in two different states… It’s a plea from a black woman who still suffers from triggers, flashbacks, and several mental health disorders, bipolar included… It’s a plea from a black mom of a boy and girl whose nightmaresContinue reading “Dear black moms, the best tip to protect your kids from sexual abuse: change your parenting style”

RIP Chester Bennington

Before Jay-Z collaborated with Linkin Park, their music was already bumping in the strip club. And no, it wasn’t a predominantly white club either. Hybrid Theory was on regular rotation at DC’s Penthouse, the premiere strip club for thick, African-American women, The customers were unaccustomed to the hard rock style screaming for which Chester isContinue reading “RIP Chester Bennington”

Maybe Now Y’all Will Stop Gifting Your Daughters To R. Kelly

Let me start off by saying in no way am I claiming that every parent is to blame. There are a myriad of reasons why and how these girls and women ended up at the hands of R. Kelly. This article addresses one reason: If you haven’t read the latest article regarding R. Kelly, youContinue reading “Maybe Now Y’all Will Stop Gifting Your Daughters To R. Kelly”

How Bill Killed Netflix and Chill

(This article first appeared in the Philadelphia Sunday Sun.) As an African-American woman, the Bill Cosby trial was unsettling. A part of me hoped that the charges were simply a misunderstanding or an attempt to extort the incredibly successful comedian, actor, director, author, and philanthropist. That’s the easiest explanation, right? And if those charges couldContinue reading “How Bill Killed Netflix and Chill”

Was Bill Cosby On Trial Due To Race?

In high school, you’re taught to use credible sources when writing a research paper. A primary source involves firsthand knowledge about a person, event or object while a secondary source is information that was created by someone who did not experience or participate first hand in an event. Ironically, a newspaper article can be bothContinue reading “Was Bill Cosby On Trial Due To Race?”

The Desire to Be Loved

Because psychologists describe love simply as having a strong desire for an emotional union with another person, there’s no internal mechanism to distinguish between healthy and unhealthy love. That’s because our desire arises from loneliness and our need to feel accepted and cherished. So you can fall in love with an abuser just as easily as youContinue reading “The Desire to Be Loved”